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This government has withdrawn all legitimacy by itself

Open letter to the Government of Germany, to the victorious powers and to the United Nations

The documents linked below were sent today, February 18, 2021, to the address of the Federal Government, to the address of the Federal President and to the governments of the victorious powers, USA, Russia, Great Britain and France.

Our core concern is summarized in this excerpt from the letter:

We, the senders of this message and many more people who share this, are not acting alone in our own interests. We stand and act for all plants, animals and humans on earth, for the one who created all these plants, animals and humans out of and by love and we stand for a life in loving connection with all dear living beings.

We consider all human-made “legal systems” to be fundamentally impermissible from a larger perspective. For ourselves we rely, among other things, on the universal right to life and on the universal native right.
The legal systems established worldwide are based on the legal system of the Roman emperors and later popes. They cannot be seen through by outside people and they primarily secure the power of a worldwide elite and an unjustifiable claim of power of this elite over every living being on earth.

In a world with differently powerful and violent people and in a world with money, factories, cities, high technology and civilization, anyway human-made legal systems could in principle obtain a limited justification in that they are applied in the same way without distinction between humans, protecting people from exploitation, injuries and from other attacks and crimes and by granting people as much freedom as is possible within the framework of a peaceful coexistence.

At present, however, you are going to ignore any legality, to leave even the established questionable legal system and to do immeasurable damage to the German people and to the world in the name of the German people.

You have forfeited all justification at all levels and in all aspects. Your actions can now only be regarded as arbitrary and as directed against any life.

In this letter this concern is justified from a legal point of view and it is stated that legally all rulers and also all public servants (civil servants, police officers, judges, etc.) act entirely on personal responsibility and do not invoke the responsibility of the supposed state can and cannot expect protection.
Public servants who do not want to be responsible for high treason and other crimes have to remonstrate, that is, to review their legal situation and, if necessary, to report their doubts about the legality of the action assigned to them and refuse to act.

In our Letters to Wladimir Putin and Donald Trump we explained the grievances to be lamented in a little more detail, which also erase the last remnant of legitimation at the "higher level":

At present, however, the German government is going to ignore all legality and theydo immeasurable damage to the German people and to other peoples in the world inthe name of the German people:

- Restriction of basic rights and the exercise of coercion and arbitrariness, violationof physical integrity in the context of compulsory masking, tests under duress and defacto forced vaccinations on defenseless seniors and compulsion to vaccinate manyother people, with a vaccination that represents an interference in our genetics;

- Arbitrary restriction of the freedom of movement and freedom of travel, curfews,visiting bans, complete isolation of seniors, psychological warfare against all peopleand especially against children;

- Prohibitions on the exercise of professions, prohibitions on free trade;

- censorship, prohibition of the free expression of opinions, prohibition of gatherings,creating discord among the people, violent abolition on peaceful protests;

- Support for terrorist organizations in Germany and abroad;

- Participation in wars of aggression and the delivery of weapons and support forwars of aggression, often wars of aggression by Islamists;

- Destroying one's own economy through support for foreign producers andinvestors, through legislation and infiltration with foreign agents;

- Negotiating “free trade agreements” to damage the environment, health andbusiness and doing damage to sovereignty and justice;

- Creation of discord with geographical neighbors and with economic partners suchas Russia;

- Destroying the environment by promoting maximum waste of raw materials,promoting pesticides and genetic engineering in food;

- Destruction of health through the prohibition of healthy food and remedies andthrough the prescribed use of toxic "remedies" and "foods":

- Tolerating money-generating by private persons and support of a money system,which enforces maximum "performance" / exhaustion of any human and naturalresources to avoid a crash and which inevitable sends the whole world into a viciouscircle of an imaginary debt, controlled by those money generating private persons;

- The list could go on and on ...

This compressed folder contains all of the individually linked documents below.
This letter (Rechtsunsicherheit_Regierung_20210218_Jegoo_USo.pdf) was sent to the Federal Government of Germany. As in all documents, we have made part of the sender address unrecognizable. However, the immediate recipients received this information. The Federal President received the identical letter (Rechtsunsicherheit_Regierung_Steinm_20210218_Jegoo_USo.pdf).
The presidents of the victorious powers received the letter to the federal government in the German version linked above (Rechtsunsicherheit_Regierung_20210218_Jegoo_USo.pdf) and in an English version (Rechtsunsicherheit_Regierung_engl_20210218_Jegoo_USo.pdf)
In addition, the presidents of the victorious powers received a personal letter in German and English. As American presidents, we wrote to both Joseph Biden and Donald Trump because we were not sure about the actual political situation in the USA (an impeachment process for an allegedly no longer incumbent president raised question marks for us). However, Donald Trump only received the letter in electronic form as we could not find a postal address.
Another letter was sent to the United Nations.

Anschreiben an den Präsidenten Russlands Wladimir Putin
Letter to the president of the USA Joseph Biden
Letter to the possibly yet incumbent president of the USA Donald Trump
Letter to the president of Great Britain Boris Johnson
Letter to the president of France Emmanuel Macron
Letter to the United Nations

The fact that we only went into the "details" mentioned above with regard to Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump is due to the fact that these two have prevented the total escalation of the raging world war in recent years, so that unlike all other state leaders with both of them we have some hope for a little remnant of humanity and an interest in the survival of humanity. Furthermore, we are neither Q- nor Trump nor Putin fans. We do not pursue any political ideology and our thinking in this regard is a little hinted at on our last C-leaflet (sadly only in German language).

If people want to support this action, we would like to see them write to the government on the basis of these templates and, if necessary, also to the victorious powers:
Template letter legal uncertainty in German Template letter legal uncertainty in English