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Will a planned vaccination become a decisive turning point in human history?

Front of our first leaflet on the risk of vaccination being announced (reverse side shown below)
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It is early May 2020. Things are going crazy. An old power elite turns completely freely and ignores all the previously questionable legal foundations of our state system (in Germany and worldwide). All of the laws of an Orwellian censorship, surveillance, and oppression state that have been introduced in the last few years have a gruesome "meaning" and the last remnants of an alleged "constitutional state" are abolished from one second to the next:

  • Fundamental rights (right of life; freedom of movement, exercise of purpose / "profession", freedom from senseless mask duty, etc.) should only be granted to people who undergo life-threatening vaccinations. (bundesgesundheitsministerium.de/fileadmin/Dateien/3_Downloads/Gesetze_und_Verordnungen/GuV/S/Entwurf_Zweites_Gesetz_zum_Schutz_der_Bevoelkerung_bei_einer_epidemischen_Lage_von_nationaler_Tragweite.pdf - page 21 §28 avoiding of (basic rights breaking) "measures" only for vaccinated humans)
  • This vaccination is supposed to work according to a genetic engineering principle that has never been officially used on humans before. RNA or DNA sequences are shot through the cell wall by nano transporters. The cell's "chemistry factories" manufacture bio-mechanisms at the discretion of the intellectual creators, controlled by this foreign RNA or DNA designed by Bill Gates. Antigens are said to be produced by our own cells. However, no one can understand what other things and mechanisms the inserted genes may still produce, be it unintentional or targeted and kept secret from us. We surrender completely to the intellectual creators of this genetic information, the moment we accept this vaccination. (Clemens Arvay, youtu.be/Z7h5eUGGxSg and gatesnotes.com/Health/What-you-need-to-know-about-the-COVID-19-vaccine; youtu.be/u1AQ5EXcJYc)

  • In this genetic engineering process, genes or their transfer substances are transported through nano-mechanisms through the cell wall into the cells in order to control the "chemical factories" of the cells for the production of complex protein molecules. There is a risk that the human genome would be changed, so that there is even a fear that even children and great-grandchildren could still carry genetic changes in their genome. (Clemens Arvay, Bill Gates, same videos and sources)
  • Previously binding safety measures for testing and "securing" medicines or vaccines should be overridden by law and thus ignored. Vaccination risks should be accepted and the risk borne by the community (at 7 min 40 sec and from 8 min 23 sec youtu.be/ie6lRKAdvuY)
  • This apparently life-threatening vaccine is said to be given to 7 billion people simultaneously. (youtu.be/u1AQ5EXcJYc)
  • The driving and seemingly responsible power for the implementation of this entire procedure can be traced back in economic and organizational entanglements to a single executing person: Bill Gates. (gatesfoundation.org/How-We-Work/Quick-Links/Grants-Database#) Planned mass vaccination 2009 ("swine flu") with a similar principle of action had to be stopped after just a few vaccinations after countless deaths. Bill Gates, WHO and Dr. Drosten were the driving force in 2009 (Arte Doku: "Epidemics: The Invisible Thread", arte.tv/en/videos/050590-000-A/epidemics-the-invisible-threat/).
  • Bill Gates and the WHO had already sterilized women in Kenya in 2014 as part of a tetanus vaccination without their knowledge and against their will. Many other scandals with countless deaths and injuries are documented. (catholic.info/2014/11/13/geheimaktion-who-und-unicef-wollten-millionen-frauen-geheim-sterilisieren/)
  • And all of these measures are being enforced against the background of a possible disease, which is becoming increasingly clear the actual dimensions of a normal flu.

The brutality of the procedure, the ignorance of any right to life and the ignorance of any already questionable principles of order of the so-called "Enlightenment" and "Democracy" suggest that none of this can be in our interest and that the driving forces must be convinced that after this blow to our health, humanity would no longer be able to hold those responsible to account!

This approach leaves no other conclusion than that this genetic manipulation would weaken our mental and / or physical strength to such an extent that we would no longer be able to resist.
Otherwise, none of the people involved would commit such serious crimes against humanity in which he would have to face no less than multiple life sentences in "rule of law" proceedings.

In this video "Amazing Polly" draws broad connections to the "technocratic" philosophy behind the so-called 4th industrial revolution. Based on existing publications, it goes so far as to assume that the use of our body's own cells could create optical interfaces in the nervous system for the targeted manipulation of humans. This assumption is speculative, at least in my view that should be said clearly. However, it is not absurd, Polly conclusively justifies this presumption based on existing sources of the corresponding think tanks and we should also take such presumptions very seriously before we give freedom to such a powerful and questionable industry, virtually any complex protein building blocks in our body to have produced.
Since "Amazing Polly" assigns Q a saving role elsewhere, I distance myself from this.

What does that mean for us?

First of all, we should avoid vaccination as urgently as the biblical "Mark of the Beast", which according to the Biblical Apocalypse would mean the end of "eternal life" for those who accept it.
I myself am anything but a Christian Bible believer, but I consider the Bible to be a message from the power elite to humanity. For reasons that I have explained several times elsewhere, the power elite is obliged to inform us in advance about its plans. In the Apocalypse, the Bible already explains how the people who had accepted the "mark" were no longer able to leave a satanic religion, they would worship the "animal". To worship is to serve! So the Bible announces a measure to take people's resistance to total submission and enslavement. And it appears that the powerful are now treating the announced vaccination as if it could already enable them to implement this plan. At the same time, the implanted microchip is also being promoted as the sole means of payment, as are the development of implants in the brains of people, which are to make them completely and completely "cyborgs" that would expose people to complete external control. Even the implanted microchip is proudly announced by its developers as the step that would turn humans into cyborgs.
Bill Gates is also investing in Elon Musk projects that develop computer implants for human brains. Since Bill Gates also uses his Quantum Dots to develop and force a thing with the properties of the implanted microchip, it is obvious at this point at the latest that he is working energetically to sign the whole mankind with the mark of the beast. It would be naive to think that he would not already be pursuing this goal with vaccination, especially if such serious interventions in our cells and genome take place here!

We can therefore fear that people who are vaccinated with the upcoming corona vaccination may no longer have any resistance to being transformed against the further steps implemented with such brutality in the direction of controllable and thus soulless cyborgs. Against this background, it is obvious that, as recommended indirectly in the Apocalypse, we should rather die or let ourselves be killed than vaccinate or chip or have other things implanted. Of course, we first should manage to escape and leave civilization in the direction of the "wilderness", as the apocalypse also recommends indirectly. This is the first and most important step!

But maybe it doesn't have to go that far! We are convinced that nobody knows the future and that today everything is more open than ever! And maybe we, too, can do a little bit to make sure it doesn't get that far!
Waking up (perceiving the danger) and waking up our fellow human beings carefully and sensitively are the most important steps here! Even if only a slightly larger minority have basic knowledge of the danger and refuse to use violence and warn others, the powerful will not have the chance to vaccinate us all or even some of the people with this life-threatening and soul-destroying vaccine.

There are many indications that the need to vaccinate, as well as to chip, could be accompanied by a famine or a food shortage. Food storage is more important today than ever!
I myself currently live in a hardly justifiable optimism about a positive end of the whole story. But the climax of systemic terror has certainly not passed. So I think it is completely irresponsible not to store any food. And I'm not talking about a few weeks, but about food for a few months. I recommend procuring large steel drums (if necessary plastic drums that are easier to obtain) with stretch lids and these with long-lasting foods such as white rice and dried legumes (peas, lentils, beans, etc.), a few seeds for the production of Fill seedlings, salt and a few spices and other things. A decent amount of water should be procured and a gas or liquid fuel stove to be independent of the electricity.
I also recommend getting equipment to escape by car or on foot (sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, warm clothes, sturdy boots, etc.)

Back of our leaflet.

What are the current processes in the background?

In the following I would like to say a few sentences about the things that are currently taking place in the background:
First of all: No one can currently see what is going on behind the scenes. Therefore, the things I suggest below are more speculations and information from uncertain sources. However, based on numerous references, it can be considered almost certain that at least similar things will take place as indicated below:

The rough picture is that in the past few months and a few years a bitter war has been going on around us, of which we have hardly noticed at least in Europe and most parts of the world. It does not matter whether this war has raged in space, as some sources suspect and are trying to prove with astonishing sightings, and / or whether this war has taken place below the surface, as other sources claim, or / whether this war was in Background of the power elites on this earth. Fortunately, despite the most dangerous flares of the former American government, it was not a completely out of control world war, and fortunately many conflicts that are about to escalate have not escalated. This is a happy fact.
This war has raged in the highest levels of power and there is much evidence that even the ruling parties and people hardly know who is really in charge and what is going on.
There is evidence that this war, at least so far, has not worked against humanity. However, it can be assumed that the climax of this war has not yet been passed, but is imminent and that in this FANal we ordinary people could once again be taken hostage or could otherwise come under enormous pressure. This could be a possible explanation for the irrational processes of this globally uniform and irrational psychological corona warfare.

Various propaganda channels have reported on this war and have positioned themselves accordingly as helpers and saviors. Some people have also become FANatic ​​Trump, Putin, and Xi FANs. Other channels speak of alien saviors, of "forces of light", of "white hats" and so on. We strongly warn against being drawn to any side in this war and accepting and strengthening any supposed "savior" as such. From our point of view, too, the real fronts in this war with the best will in the world cannot be made out, just as little as the question of who really acts in the service of humanity in this war.
A little hint is the wise saying:
"Symbolism will be their downfall".
And this saying should also be applied to the groups that loudly propagate this saying (If you do so and if you are looking carefully to the messages in images and words of those "saviors", some astonishing hints will be discovered) !!!

I want to suspect or hope that one or a few of these "heroes" are actually on our side, on the side of life and could ultimately also be there as a helpful force. However, we estimate that one or more of these forces could subsequently prove to be cheaters, traitors to life and to creation. We have actually heard full-bodied but false promises from all political parties. Why should we expect anything else from "angels", "extraterrestrials", "secret secession" or whatever is reported ?!
We do not know and we suggest that you keep yourself mentally away from these forces, as well as from all other politicians, rulers, stars, etc. (including the "stars" of the "enlightenment scene")
The forces that really stand on the side of life, humanity and love do NOT need our FANatic ​​energetic support.

What these actually dear forces, which we cannot make out today, need from our side is our loving connection among all people and with all living beings, our protection of life and nature. What can really protect us from our side at the moment is our absolute alertness and attentiveness and our caution against propaganda and fanaticism in every form! It is just as important for us that we keep away from all religions and from esotericism! We should avoid all temples, symbols, gurus, priests and spirits. Almost all temples stand on the bones of the murdered and almost all religious princes have blood on their hands. No rescue can be expected from here. The spiritual power lies in the heart and mind of every person who lives in love and who stands alone and thinks and feels and acts!

Some notes on actions against the supposed "vaccination obligation"

Language is magic and trickery with the subtleties is part of the evil game. I strongly urge you to forget about any actions against a "Forced vaccination" !!! There will never be a forced vaccination requirement! And those who protest against this supposed vaccination obligation will be countered by the powerful that this wish has been "graciously" already fulfilled. It is therefore irrelevant! The reason is that all people in positions of power try to avoid responsibility for crimes. More specifically, they want this responsibility to be assumed by those lower in the "hierarchy". The victims of the crimes should preferably take responsibility for these crimes as well.
And that would not be possible with a forced vaccination!
So the basic rights are withdrawn from the people.
And those who do not want this have the "free choice" to undergo these crimes and, for example, have their genome destroyed by a vaccination. - Well - "own fault".

So our focus must be on protecting our fundamental rights, more precisely on our universal right to life!

Our constitution is also of little significance in this context. This constitution is also part of a very lying and fragile fraudulent state construct, which in its fragility is still based on a Roman-fascist millennia-old "legal" system. It makes sense to point out that they are still violating the very foundations of this fragile fraud system! But the decisive rights are our universal right to life and our "original right" (don't know better translation), the right of the real "aborigines" of this earth, us humans. There is more about this elsewhere on this page and I will not go into more detail here.

The importance of non-violence in the "struggle" for our right to life

As indicated, there may be significant forces that are actually standing up for us and are doing a lot to prevent the unbelievably malicious agenda of the current power elite from being implemented.
If people, spirits or our "loving creator" should actually stand up for us, it will be all the more difficult for them as soon as we become a fighting party ourselves, as soon as we use violent or other "illegal" methods. Outstanding dear people or beings always tend to stay out of a dispute as soon as it becomes apparent that both parties to the conflict are using violence or other lousy means because they do not want to side with violent offenders or criminals.
Those who use violence find it difficult to find (all non-violent and real) allies!

Another reason is that only in a community would we be able to effectively use force against an almost overpowering opponent. However, it can almost be ruled out that a resilient community can be built without this, like all organizations, religions, parties or other groups on this planet, being undermined by secret connections and subtly brought on course. Anyone who joins a (violent) connection must expect to put their strength at the service of the already existing power elite and / or their gods and thus make their struggle completely obsolete.

On the other hand, violence is not needed to invalidate the world's power elite. As we now increasingly learn, the powerful, including their alleged gods (as they declare themselves), draw energy from the "enslavement" of mankind and beyond from ritual sacrifices. There are hopes and it would also be a little bit in our hands that these two energy sources will dry up in the future. As far as I know, criminals cut themselves off from the protection of our loving creator and from the love of other dear beings on earth anyway, yes, from the life energy in the broadest sense. If they can no longer maintain their malign and occult mental energy supply, they will weaken themselves by their malice and will no longer be able to continue their actions, or even survive. If I understand it correctly, it is nothing more than what the occult esoterics call "bad karma". I don't really know all of these things and I also keep my distance from them. But all the information I could find about the occult power elite and their behavior supports this view. And I like to spread it because it makes it clear once more that nonviolence and, on the other hand, the energy of love could be more than just a romantic attitude, but that they could simply be the most efficient strategy for human survival.
Finally, a remarkable video about the possible occult meaning of all psychological corona warfare


This video mentions the following elements of occult initiation and "brainwashing":
- Removal of people to be initiated from their usual environment for cleaning
- Abolition of the usual rules
- Masking to let go of the old identity
- fear of death and / or ritual death in order to be able to enter the "new normal".
The sources are difficult to understand, but the steps sound familiar - and all of this somehow fits in well with the bizarre reality required worldwide.